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The Cool Expert difference: “No Sub-Contractor”

Wall-mounted air conditioner, heat pump, central system…

Making the right choice, this is the single most important thing when making decisions to guarantee the comfort of your home. This is where Cool Expert makes a difference and what sets us apart from our competitors. No subcontractors and no pressure to buy! The company is proudly represented by its employees, knowledgeable salespeople and experienced refrigeration technicians who distinguish themselves by the quality of their installations. Listening and determining your specific needs in order to give you the right advice, this is all part of our expertise.

Did you know that the installation of your equipment is just as important as the quality of the devices chosen?

A simple installation error can quickly become a headache and seriously affect the proper functioning of your air conditioning or heating systems. Cool Expert makes sure to combine the following two elements at all times: product quality and impeccable installations. From the installation of the refrigerant piping with perfect welding technique, to the optimization of the central systems functioning… everything is conducted according to state-of-the-art protocols and procedures by our qualified technicians. In this same spirit, the services of qualified electrical contractors are used,, in accordance with industry guidelines and rules of CMEQ.

A relationship based on trust

Our desire towards your complete satisfaction evolves in perfect harmony with the idea of never exerting pressure on our customers. As you will surely know by now, the team of advisers and technicians at Cool Expert have advanced training in air conditioning and heating and will direct you to the most useful and efficient products for your residential, commercial and institutional needs. For over 30 years, we proudly count among our customers many hospitals, research centres and pharmaceutical manufacturers throughout Quebec and Ontario.

Prestigious Partners

Authorized distributor of the Run TruPanasonic and Trane reputable brands, Cool Expert also sells products from other brands. Our skilled technical representatives are trained to answer all your questions and will provide you with free estimates. They will visit your home in order to provide you with information and advise you on the air conditioning and heating solutions best suited to meet your needs.

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